Services and Pricing

As professional mobile notaries, we provide an extensive range of services.
From general mobile notary services to loan signing services, we cover it all!

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    Financial Documents

    As mobile notaries, we're able to notarize numerous financial documents. They include loans, power of attorney, wills, deeds, vehicle releases, and more.

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    Niche Industries

    Our mobile notary services extend to several niche industries. Whether you need someone to notarize your parental travel consent forms or notarize your entertainment business contracts, we can help.

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    Health and Social Care

    The correct signing and notarization of health and social care documents is often of the utmost importance. From adoption papers through to medical agreements, we're here to help.

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    Binding Legal Documents

    The correct signing and notarization of your legal documents is what allows them to remain legally binding. We can cover partnership agreements, quit claims, estate planning and more.

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    Detention Center Documents

    The signing and notarization of documents that need to be performed at a detention center is often a time-sensitive matter. When you come to us, you won't need to worry. We wil be there to assist every step of the way.

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    Vehicle Releases

    Make your vehicle releases a priority with our mobile notary signing services. We can come to you at any time.

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    Loan Signings

    We work with escrow, titles, lenders, and real estate agents to assist their borrower/purchaser with their loan signing needs. Our skills allow us to direct borrowers, purchasers, and lenders through their loan documentation while ensuring accuracy every step of the way. We can cover HELOC, Reverse Mortgages, RE-Fi, Purchases, E-signings, and more. We know the importance of doing a perfect loan signing.

Some of our other notarial services include:

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    Grand deeds

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    Business Contracts

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    DMV Documentation

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    Wills and Living Trusts

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    Durable Power of attorney
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    Entertainment contracts
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    Escrow/Loan Documents
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    Healthcare directives
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    Any Contracts
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    Minor Travel Documents
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    and more!

Simple, straightforward pricing
Learn more about our prices!

Notary Service Fees:

Notary service fee is $15 (per signature, per person, per document) (Acknowledgement and Jurats).

Certified copy of power of attorney: $15 per copy certified.

Depositions: $30.

Deposition oaths are $7.

Deposition certificate is $7.

Multiple signature discounts available. Fees are defined per California state law.

Contact us for more information.

Travel Fees:

Travel fees are in addition to the notary fees and are based upon location and time of day. The starting fee during normal business hours varies. Contact us for pricing!

Additional pricing will be charged for holidays and weekends. Contact us for pricing!

Detention Center notary services are priced between $150 to $300.

Notary travel services required between 4pm and 7pm (during peak traffic hours) will incur an additional fee of $10.00 and up depending on the hour. Contact us for pricing.

Escrow/Loan Signing Documents:

Loan signings start at $150.00. Please contact us for pricing. 

As Certified Loan Signing Agents, we walk borrowers/purchasers though all of the loan documents thoroughly, efficiently, and professionally. We are educated and can answer questions your borrower/purchaser may have about where things are located within the documents and what they are signing. When working with us, borrowers/purchasers feel comfortable with the Closing Statement, Note, Deed of Trust and Closing Disclosures, as well as other documents. 

Our loan signing agents make sure to never miss a signature, initial, or date and we make sure all documents that need to be filled out are done perfectly and to completion. We understand the importance of a perfect loan signing and what it means to all involved. We want to make your work load easier.

We understand that you need loan documents back immediately. We will drop off loan documents after the signing is complete or first thing the next morning. We know how to package documents and will do so at no extra charge if time permits. It's included in the price!

We are available anytime, including weekends and holidays!


Hire us to be your preferred or back up loan signing agent.

We are NNA, LSS, NLC Certified, E&O 100k, Background checked, Bonded, Notary Commissioned.

Contact us for more information or book today!

Forms of Payment

For general notary services we accept cash and all major credit cards.

For all loan signing services we accept company checks, cash, and all major credit cards.


We do not give legal advice and cannot give you direction on document preparation. If you need legal assistance or advice, please consult an attorney.

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